Monday, November 21, 2011

One Amazing Test

A few months ago, my friend Kathy over at Alter Everything told me about something called A.R.T.: Autonomic Response Testing. It was developed by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, a prominent Lyme doctor who was featured in the must-see Lyme documentary, Under Our Skin. It sounded pretty out there when I first learned about it. I mean, how much can you really learn from a cheek swab? But, Kathy's results were spot on. They nailed what her biggest health issues are, what medicine she was allergic too (before she showed signs of an allergy) and even pinpointed an issue dating back to childhood! I was convinced.

A few months later, thanks to a fundraiser created by Kathy herself, we were able to afford the test. I sent in cheek swabs, vitamins, medicines and paperwork for all four of us...even my husband, who had yet to be diagnosed. The results were nothing short of amazing. Not only did it find Lyme in all four of us, including my husband, it also showed mold and metal issues in all four of us. Interestingly, when I had a phone conference with the RN who conducted the test, Andreanna Rainville, she said Lyme really isn't our family's biggest issue! Mold and metals are. For Grayson, Babesia is also an issue (Babesia is a co-infection I am currently treating, so it makes sense that it showed up for him) and for Brian, Bartonella. For me, Viruses also topped the list. This information is invaluable, because I was able to take it to our doctor and we can now move forward with a treatment protocol that tackles our biggest issues.

In addition to the information about what our biggest health challenges are, the test also told us what organs are being stressed and what vitamins and medications are working for us and which aren't. It also told us what natural treatments would work for us, so Andreanna was able to give us a treatment protocol to get us started. On top of all of this important information, the test also showed I have been having trouble with one of my parents lately. If I had any doubts before, she convinced me with that one statement.

Current Lyme Tests only detect antibodies. And if your immune system is in the toilet, then you aren't going to show any. Plus, I've heard that they only test for 30 or so bands, but there are over 300. If that is true, the potential for false negatives is ridiculously high! There is a new culture test that came out recently, but unfortunately it is not available yet in New York or Florida. Plus, it is very new, so it is hard to know how successful it will be.

A.R.T. is a phenomenal way to find out what ails you and learn what you can do about it. I highly recommend it! If you are interested in trying A.R.T., here is what you need to do: 

1. Go to this site and print out the forms:

2. Fill out the forms and put them in a 5x7 envelope or bigger.

3. Take one each of your vitamins and medications, including refrigerated probiotics and put each one in it’s own Ziploc bag. I printed labels, but you could probably write on the baggie…your name and what the item is.

4. Pour a little bit of any liquid meds or supplements into separate baggies, write on them and then double baggie them.

5. Put the baggies in the envelope with the paperwork.

6. The next morning, BEFORE DRINKING OR EATING ANYTHING AND BEFORE BRUSHING YOUR TEETH…use a clean Q-tip and swab your cheeks really well. We did both sides of the Q-tip. Put it in a separate baggie, marked with your name and the date the sample was taken. Put this in the envelope.

7. Mail it to: Andreanna Rainville RN, LMP, 15229 117th Pl. NE, Suite A, Kirkland, WA 98034.

8. Wait, sometimes up to a month (she's swamped!) But, the wait is worth it! You can always email her to check on the status at by emailing Andreanna at

If you have any questions about A.R.T, please ask. I'll tell you what I know, or you can email Andreanna at the address above (#8.) I hope that, if you do get tested, it comes back clean as clean can be. But, if it doesn' least you know what you are dealing with...and steps to implement to get better.  

*IMPORTANT: This post discusses the person we used for our ART Testing. Andreanna is very busy and is sometimes very difficult to reach. There are many other practitioners who are trained in ART. Try searching for ART Testing in your area to see if there is someone close by. I am told it is even more effective if you actually visit the practitioner!


  1. Wow, Melissa. So interesting. I am gonna have to check into that. I am blown away. Not to long ago I was able to hear a quick lecture of a licsensed actupuncturist who has studied Chinese medicine as opposed to Western and she can tell an enormous amount based on the "look" of your tongue. I am still chewing on that one. But there must be something to our mouths revealing more than most are aware of. So neat. Thanks for this post.

  2. Definitely look into it. It is pretty amazing! I have head the same about Chinese medicine. My acupuncturist tells me a lot from my tongue and she's usually right on, so there must be something to it. :) Best of luck to you!

  3. I have heard about ART but did not realize what it was. Thanks for explaining it...I think my husband and I need to look into this too.

  4. It was very beneficial to us Renee! Only word of warning, she is very busy and does not respond as quickly as I would like. Just a heads up!

  5. So I'm somewhat confused, because I thought ART had to be done physically, not by a swab. I believe this is what my LLMD did, although he called it "muscle testing". Does anyone know the difference, and how they can find out via a swab, how your connections are made? Do they do the same thing to the swab that they do to your body??? I'd love some clarification!!!

    1. Hi Amanda! I know, it is confusing. And for the record, I thought it was a bunch of bologna when I first heard of it. But, I saw first hand the results from a close friend. I am told they use a stand-in for the muscle testing and that person holds the swab. I am not positive, so I would recommend contacting Andreanna for clarification. I had just had an argument with my father and she mentioned it on the follow up call with me. All from a cheek swab. Amazing!