Melissa's Lyme Treatment Protocol

Every person's Lyme treatment is different. There are many reasons for this. For one thing, each person has different co-infections, like Bartonella, Babesia, Ehrlichia, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Mycoplasma and more. Some people have had Lyme for one year. Others have had it for forty. Some people go the antibiotic route - oral and/or IV, while others choose the herbal route. Some do both. A person's medical history plays a part as well: vaccinations, surgeries, anesthesia and more effects the degree of symptoms they endure, as well as their ability to handle treatment. Another big potential barrier to treatment is a person's support system. Some Lyme patients have a strong support system, while others are left without support because their family and friends do not understand, don't care enough or are too inconvenienced to be there for them in their time of need. Then, you have to take into consideration the person's mental state: positive, negative, hopeful, resigned.

To doctors, every Lyme patient is a puzzle. The doctor must figure out what that person's primary issue is: Lyme, co-infections, mold-sensitivity, metal-sensitivity, chemical-sensitivity, parasites, Candida, or something else entirely. Many doctors believe you must treat things in a certain order to be successful. Each treatment is trial and error. Some things will work, some won't. And it is hard to know if something is working or causing problems, because, either way, the patient's condition worsens, either due to die-off or due to an allergy or sensitivity to the treatment. Nutritional support and frequent testing is required to support the body and determine what is working, what's lacking and what areas need support.

Long story short, every Lymie's journey is different. We do what we can...what our body, situation and finances will allow...and we hope it is enough. We hope we will someday feel better. Most of all, we hope that we will get better and stay better so that we can live the lives we dream of.

Here I will list my current treatment protocol. I will update and adjust as my protocol changes. This is to give insight into what a Lyme Treatment protocol looks like (at least what mine looks like), but also to document it for my own records and review. Of course, this is not intended as a recommendation for your own personal treatment. Remember, Lymies are their own best advocate. We need to research extensively, educating ourselves so that we can be an active participant in our own treatment plan. If anything here sounds like something that may be beneficial to you, I encourage you to first research the item and then discuss it with your doctor.

***UPDATE (12/6/2012): I am currently doing muscle testing twice a month and my protocol changes almost as much. Because of this, I will not be able to keep this page current at this time. I am only using whole food and/or herbal supplements right now and I feel better than I have in years. I still have a long way to go, but feel I am on the right path. I hope today is a 'good' day for you!
Melissa's Lyme Treatment Protocol
Juice Plus - Whole Food Supplement - 2x/day - $45.00/month
Vitamin D Drops - $19/Bottle or $6.30/month
Probiotic - Promote good bacteria in the gut - $50.00/month
Mila - 1 Scoop - Soaked Overnight - $55.00/bag - $55/month

Organically Bound Minerals by Standard Process - $12.00/year

Detox Chemicals from Pesticides, Plastics and Other Toxins
Parotid PMG by Standard Process - $17.00/bottle or $8.50 every 6 moths

VRM1 by Systemic Formulas
VRM4  by Systemic Formulas

Overall Detoxification
Epsom Salt - For Detox Baths - $15.00/month
Hydrogen Peroxide - For Detox Baths - $5/month
Baking Soda - For Detox Baths - $5/month

Byron White A-L Complex - Began November 2011 - $85.00/Bottle
Byron White A-Bab - Began August 2011 - $85.00/bottle  Cholestyramine - 3-4 Scoops per day - $9.00/can (for detoxing mold)
Grapefruit Seed Extract - Natural Cyst-Buster - $15.00/bottle or $5.00/monthParsley Drops - Aids in detoxification - $30.00/bottle or $10.00/month
Fresh Ginger - In food and bathing - $8.00/month
Lymphomyosot - To reduce swelling and improve circulation - $26.00/bottle or $8.66/month
Vitamin B Sublingual Drops - $20/Bottle or $15/month
Chinese Herbaceuticals - Organ Support - $55/Bottle or $45/month (when available)
Chinese Herbs - To Increase Energy and Mental Clarity - $40/Bottle or $40/month

Lymphomyosot - To reduce swelling and improve circulation - $26.00/bottle or $8.66/month
Vitamin B Sublingual Drops - $20/Bottle or $15/month
Chinese Herbaceuticals - Organ Support - $55/Bottle or $45/month (when available)
Chinese Herbs - To Increase Energy and Mental Clarity - $40/Bottle or $40/month
Candisol - Candida Support - $46.00/bottle
Doxycycline - Began June 2011 - Free (Thanks Publix!)
Rocephin IV - Began October 2011 - $100/2Grams
Nutritional IV - Began October 2011 - $88.00
Lactated Ringer IV - Began October 2011 - $35.00
DHEA 5 - Adrenal Support - $2.50/month
NT Factor - To improve energy levels - $48.00/month
Candida Cleanse - $34.00/month
Apple Cider Vinegar - Aids in digestion - $10.00/month
Nystatin - Prevent yeast due to long-term use of antibiotics - $15.00/month
Valarian Root Drops - Natural sleep aid - $15.00/bottle or $5.00/month

Pregnedalone - $24.00/bottle - $12.00/month
Cortisol Manager - Adrenal Support - $15.00/month

Viscumforce - To relieve numbness and tingling in the limbs - $14.00/bottle or $4.67/monthCore Complex - To detox heavy metal
Fluconazole 200MG (Diflucan) - 2x/week - $9.00/bottle - $4.50/month
Tindamax - Began August 2011 - $58.00/24 pills or $29.00/month
Acyclovir (Anti-Viral) - Began 10/31/2011 - $50/month
Chlorella - To aid in detoxification and removal of heavy metals - $50.00/month

Heavy Metal Treatment
Chelation IV's - $88.00/IVRed Desert Clay - To detox heavy metals - $49.00/container - $25/month
This list does not include IV Nutrition (when finances allow - $120/visit), lab testing (varies - $20-$1,000/month), organic food (highly encouraged for Lyme patient - $600-$800/month for family of four), Acupuncture/Massage Treatments (Thankfully I've been blessed with generous, talented friends, but these services typically run $50-100 each), other specialists (Dermatologists, Opthamologists, Hematologists, Holistic Dentists trained in removing amalgam fillings, Cardiologists, Endochronologists and more) and specialty treatments recommended by my Lyme-Literate M.D. (Blood Irradation, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Sauna, Colonics, Chelation, etc.). I am sure I'm forgetting something, but will update periodically to keep it current.

If you are currently undergoing treatment for Lyme Disease, I would love to hear your recommendations on what has worked best for you and what supplements you cannot live without!

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